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Crystal Finance

Since 2006 we have made it our personal mission to offer the most personal, hands-on service, advice and financial expertise available.

While we might be finance brokers, we are not in the business of selling. Our business is all about building relationships with our clients – long-term, mutually beneficial bonds based on trust, respect and results.

If that sounds a bit old fashioned, so be it. But it is a philosophy that has worked for us - and our client base - and helps us continue to grow our business year after year.

We're all about building healthy financial futures. While lending institutions offer a raft of financial packages, we filter through these packages and offer our clients good, sound advice that's based on years of knowledge and hard-earned experience.

If your goal is to build a healthy financial future, a good place to start would be to talk to us.

Want to Know more?

We believes that our team's knowledge and experience sets Crystal Finance apart from its competitors:

With many years of banking industry experience, and common sense behind us, we instinctively know what lenders are looking for. Unlike a lot of frontline bank staff, our senior managers have held decision-making roles with the major banks and so intimately understand the bank process and thinking.

So we are able to present every application in the best possible light with all the factors known and disclosed.

In addition to weight of experience, the simple answer to this often asked question is that we offer flexibility and choice.

We are not limited to recommending one lender's products. Our role is to find the most appropriate loan, at the most advantageous rate – and to ensure that each loan application has been thoroughly researched.

This has become the company's mantra. And whether you are talking about a first-time mortgage or building a complex property investment portfolio, this should always be the overriding consideration.

The first step Crystal Finance takes when a customer comes to us is to conduct a thorough assessment to provide a better idea of your borrowing capacity and your ability to service that borrowing.

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